Supplier selection

Supplier selection

Every consumer has the right to choose a supplier. PowerOn provides a comprehensive service to compile data, prepare requests for quotation, and collect offers from the major energy companies in the market. We analyse the offers and provisions of the agreements, prepare a report for the customer with information about the market and a recommendation regarding the choice of seller and the moment of contracting.

Why choose an energy/gas supplier with PowerOn?

Choosing an energy and gas provider is a decision that can prove to be a great success. PowerOn guarantees:

  • a free consultation,
  • an analysis of the correctness of the rates applied and the resulting costs,
  • a favourable rate and assistance in changing energy or gas provider,
  • an analysis of the value of the power used in relation to the contracted capacity,
  • guidance through all the formalities,
  • analysis of market prices,
  • advice on energy law.

Main advantages of changing energy/gas supplier:

  • Reduction of electricity/gas bills,
  • Guaranteeing price stability over a given period,
  • Building a green corporate image.


How does switching the electricity/gas provider work – step by step?

STEP 1 Choice of electricity supplier and offer

STEP 2 Concluding an agreement with the new provider

STEP 3 Termination of the agreement with the previous supplier

STEP 4 Informing the DSO of the change of electricity/gas supplier

STEP 5 Adjustment of the meter

STEP 6 Final settlement with the previous supplier

Changing my company’s gas/energy supplier – why is it worth it?

Because of the need to plan your company’s fixed costs and budget, it is advisable to have an agreement with a gas or electricity supplier who can offer a fixed price guarantee on the invoice. For this reason alone, it is important to analyse the market for gas and electricity suppliers and to consider a possible change of supplier. Another argument in favour of considering a change of gas or energy supplier for a company is, of course, the projected savings that can be achieved through such changes.

What is especially important when switching electricity suppliers?

In the process of comparing sales offers, the following are of particular importance:

• the unit price of electricity,
• information about the actual consumption of this energy,
• the duration of the proposed agreement,
• the payment methods offered by the seller (method
of payment),
• the conditions for termination of the agreement, including the notice period and the settlement period.

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