Building new and upgrading existing lighting systems in facilities where they are used extensively has direct benefits in terms of energy savings (potentially up to 60%). This is often the case for spaces lit by outdated sources, which disproportionately increase maintenance costs. However, the greatest potential for savings is in modern commercial spaces, where intensive lighting is essential from a sales perspective and the scope for system optimisation is therefore very large.

Why perform a lighting upgrade with PowerOn?

Performing a lighting upgrade is a decision that can be a great success. PowerOn guarantees:

  • a comprehensive analysis of your needs,
  • a solution adapted to your requirements and budget,
  • a professional energy audit,
  • advice on financing your investment,
  • comprehensive service.

Ask for the lighting you are interested in

Modern luminaires and LED street lamps are an excellent alternative to the sodium lamps used to date. Such lighting allows us to save up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional lamps. The lamps we offer are made from the highest quality components. Efficiency is increased thanks to the LEDs built into the lamp.



Modern lighting systems in facilities where they are widely used bring immediate benefits in terms of energy savings (potentially 60% lower). This is often the case in rooms lit by outdated light sources that disproportionately increase maintenance costs.

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Main benefits of upgrading lighting:

  • Saving – electricity-related costs,
  • Reduction of breakdowns,
  • Increased – safety for people working and staying in the facility,
  • Increase – the quality of work,
  • Effective – regulation of lighting, according to current needs,
  • Maximum – efficiency of the system, using LED technology and management systems,
  • White certificates – when upgrading old lighting.


What types of lighting do we upgrade?

– Industrial upgrade – Replacing obsolete lamps guarantees huge benefits, in terms of energy costs, as well as maintenance and service expenditure. Savings of up to 86%.

– Office upgrade – Office spaces are a major challenge for lighting systems. The requirement is to provide adequate lighting levels while reducing glare. Savings of up to 67%.

– Modernisation in public facilities – Hospital, school and other public properties that deserve special attention as they serve us all. Savings of up to 65%.

– Modernisation of common areas in multi-family buildings – The lighting of common areas in multi-family buildings is a special area for upgrade. Saving money is not the only benefit that upgrading the lighting can bring. Savings of up to 71%.

– Exterior lighting upgrade – Communal roads, estate roads, recreational spaces and parks deserve modern cost-effective solutions and, in particular, increased safety. Savings of up to 56%.

– Modernisation in the Agro market – The right lighting choice is crucial in the operation of animal husbandry, as the right colour and intensity match affects humans and animals alike. savings of up to 58%.


Examples of lamps offered by PowerOn:

















Lighting – step by step

1) Analysis of needs and selection of lighting:

– analysis of existing lighting
– solution selection (needs, location, components)

– lighting design
– pricing and cost-effectiveness of the solution

2) Agreements, technical documentation, proposals, designs:

– conclusion of the agreement / assembly arrangements
– installation design
– operating schedule

3) Lighting assembly:

– site preparation
– delivery of components
– assembly of lamps/installation
– control / security

 4) Monitoring and service:

– We monitor the operation of lamps on an ongoing basis
– in the event of any breakdown, we come and rectify it on site



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